Drape artist Dolly Jain on what to expect from the grand Ambani engagements Advertisement

Drape artist Dolly Jain on what to expect from the grand Ambani engagements

Plus, 5 styling hacks that will save your sari

By Shweta Gandhi  June 28th, 2018

With just 48 hours left for the Akash Ambani-Shloka Mehta engagement, the preparations are in full swing — Dolly Jain, the Ambanis’ go-to drape artist has been flown in to Mumbai; Californian floral designer, Karen Tran, has begun decorating the Ambani’s 27-storey skyscraper, Antilia; luxury wedding planner Seven Steps Wedding is on top of managing the event; French luxury bakery Laduree is prepping scrumptious delicacies. Dolly — whose clientele includes the likes of Sonam and Rhea Kapoor, Mira Kapoor, Dia Mirza and Rekha — lets us in on the craziness and tells us what’s it like to work with the bride-to-be, Shloka, and her sister-in-law to-be, Isha Ambani.

“Today, the Ambani family has planned a puja at their home, followed by a dinner,” says Dolly. The dinner is proving to be a big bash, with the best of Bollywood showing up in their finest:

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 Shloka and Isha look stunning in their Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla ensembles:

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 Also, there’s a five tier cake just waiting to be devoured:

“The main event is on June 30, and I am planning a dramatic look for Shloka, unlike anything ever seen on her before,” reveals Dolly, who last worked with Shloka for her sister Diya’s wedding in Bahrain. “That time, I wanted to keep the focus on her sister, but I still gave Shloka new and different looks for all the functions — including a fusion drape, a Gujarati drape and a nivi drape — and she effortlessly carried them all,” says Dolly. 

“Shloka’s style is easy and non-fussy — you will mostly find her casually dressed in jeans and simple tops — and every time I’ve styled her, she’s done due justice to the look,” she says. “She cooly lets us — whether it is me or make-up artist Mickey Contractor — handle it as she trusts that we’re going to do our best on her.”

Diya Mehta wedding
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Isha, on the other hand, is not a blank canvas. She is clear in her instructions and she knows exactly what she wants. “Isha’s clarity makes it simpler for me to style her,” says Dolly, who draped the Sabyasachi lehenga that she wore to her marriage announcement in May in a traditional Gujarati style.

Dolly, who has worked with top-notch celebrities and the best artists in the industry for years, has figured out styling hacks that will not only save you on your big day, but will also save your expensive wedding ensembles. She lets us in on her secrets.

5 professional styling hacks for draping a sari:

1. Use a cotton drawstring for your petticoat

"Instead of using a satin drawstring, always use a cotton one. It remains tight and allows you to move freely without the sari losing its style," says Dolly.

Picture courtesy: @dolly.jain/Instagram

2. Use an underarm stick-on pad for your blouse

"An underarm stick-on pad acts as an antiperspirant and doesn't discolour your blouse."

Picture courtesy: @dolly.jain/Instagram

3. Cling wrap your footwear

"The footwear worn for weddings is usually intricately embroidered or embellished with studs or stones. And though this beautifully complements the ensemble, it often gets stuck to the outfit's hemline, and ends up ruining both the shoe and the outfit. The smartest way to prevent this is to wrap your footwear with plastic film or clingwrap, and then blow dry it on high heat. The plastic sticks to the embellishment, and protects it. Once it's done, remove the extra bits, and voila, your shoe is ready." 

Picture courtesy: @dolly.jain/Instagram


4. Use a hair straightener to iron your pleats

"Once you've worn the sari, give your pleats a polished look by running a hair straightener (kept on a low setting) over them instead of a steam iron. This will give you perfect pleats that stay crease-free for longer," says Dolly.

Picture courtesy: @dolly.jain/Instagram

5. Get a seamstress to sew jewellery onto your outfit

This is Dolly's trick to ensuring your jewellery remains fastened onto your ensemble. "I have a customised silver needle that I use to sew the jewellery onto the blouse. This way, no matter how much you're moving, the jewellery stays in place," says Dolly.