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10 ways to keep your favourite shoes looking brand new

Protect your sole mates

By Hasina Khatib  November 23rd, 2016

You splashed a small country’s GDP on those perfect party heels, only have to them looking scuffed after the first wear. We hear you. Polishing shoes may have become a relic of your childhood, but grow-up shoes require their own form of upkeep too, especially given our country’s humid climate.

Book an hourly appointment with your shoe closet and spend time treating your pricey purchases to some TLC. Evenly spread leather conditioner on your boots to keep them from cracking and peeling. Your suede shoes require some attention from the brush to keep those pesky stains away, while a heavy-duty cleanser will get the grime off your trainers. Want to keep those delicate stilettos in mint condition even after a night of dancing on bar tops? Protect Your Pumps provides a brilliant transparent adhesive that’ll protect the soles of your heels against everything, including your own bad decisions.

Flip through the gallery for all the products to add to your shoecare kit now.

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