Shopcade launches in India

There’s plenty to love about online shopping – for one, we get to do it in our pyjamas. But sometimes, browsing our favourite e-commerce sites can get just a bit lonely. That’s where Shopcade, a social shopping app, comes to the rescue.

The web- and mobile-based app offers a daily fix of trends and allows users to buy products while sharing looks on their profile and even publishing it on Instagram. And that’s not all; based on your interests and location, Shopcade sends out personalised deal alerts for items on your wish list. 

The US- and UK-based app launches in India on July 10, with brands like,, and Dorothy Perkins, among others, on offer. So now you can shop on-the-go, no matter where you are.

ELLE took the app for a test drive and shopped at, available on Shopcade, and created the look featured above.

Tartan dress, Stylista Original, printed jacket, Nishka Lulla for Stylista; both from, leaf print sneakers, H&M

Shopcade is available to download on iPhone and android devices for free.


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