Is the Dyson AirWrap worth your money?

Ever since it dropped in October, the Dyson AirWrap has dominated every hair conversation. The Airwrap lets you curl, wave and smooth damp hair (we repeat: damp hair) with no extreme heat. And while you’ll find a million video tutorials for this wonder tool by now, we got our hands on the AirWrap IRL at Dyson’s preview in Bangkok last year, and have all the (honest) answers to your FAQs:

Why does it look like the Airwrap is sucking your hair?

Instead of excessive heat, the Airwrap styles hair using a combination of air and heat. Dyson engineers focussed on something called the Coanda Effect, a phenomenon that “occurs when a high-speed jet of air flows across a surface and, due to differences in pressure, the air flow attaches itself to the surface”. When applied to the Airwrap it allows the hair to curl around the barrel wand. You don’t have to worry about getting your hair pulled and tugged either—Adriano Limo, the head of engineering, told us that the men at Dyson labs put on wigs and tried the Airwrap on themselves to make sure the pressure is just right.

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How do I know which of the many attachments to use?

There are two sets of curling barrels of different widths for a tight curl and a loose wave. And two brushes to give you a straight, polished finish; the firm smoothing brush is great for frizzy hair, and a softer one that’s designed for fine hair. Our favourite is the rough dryer, that’s a mini SuperSonic. Since the Airwrap works on damp hair, you can use this attachment to do a quick blast dry before you style.

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How it is better than my regular dryer?

Well, you no longer need the upper body strength it takes to balance a curling wand, blow dryer and brush for 30 minutes. The AirWrap is quite light and needs just one hand. You won’t risk burning your hair or earlobes or fingers either, because it doesn’t operate above 150 degree celsius unlike standard tools that go up to a scorching 250 degree Celsius. However, you will need to relearn hair curling and resist the habit of wrapping strands around the wand.

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I’ve heard the curls don’t last long, is that true?

It’s all about using the right technique and products to make your hairstyle last. Expert make-up artist and hairstylist, Namrata Soni’s number one rule: “Always work on damp hair, or spritz it with water before you begin,” she says about the Airwrap–this will ensure your hair holds the style longer. Besides that she also recommends applying hair mousse before curling hair for better hold. If you’re going for beach waves, prep your hair with sea salt spray and use a texturiser after you’re done. “You can even apply some gel to scrunch it afterwards,” says Soni.


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Honestly, should I buy it?

If you’re frustrated with an unruly mane, have amateur skills and fear melting chunks of your hair with a hot curling iron, then, yes. You can visit a Dyson store to see how it feels and get a tutorial. And if you still think you’ll just wing it with the water bottle curling hack (remember the Facebook videos?), let us break it to you: we tried it and it doesn’t work.

The Dyson Airwrap hits stores in January 2019

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