5 looks we'd steal from Shraddha Kapoor's stylish Half-Girlfriend wardrobe Advertisement

5 looks we’d steal from Shraddha Kapoor’s stylish Half-Girlfriend wardrobe

Those statement earrings are speaking to us

By ELLE team  April 10th, 2017

Shraddha Kapoor’s new film trailer for Half-Girlfriend just dropped and already, we have a feeling this could be her most trendy wardrobe yet. In the film, Shraddha plays Delhi college girl Riya Somani, the unwilling object of Madhav Jha’s (played by Arjun Kapoor) affection. A basketball player, Riya’s style complements her athletic physique, predominantly featuring cut-off shorts, sheer dresses and cold-shoulder blouses. We’re not sure how true this plays to St. Stephen’s strict dress code, but Shraddha’s film wardrobe is definitely a high street shopper’s cheat sheet to staying on trend this summer.  

Stylist Anaita Shroff Adajania — who crafted Shraddha’s wardrobe for her second-wind as a musician in New York (spoiler alert) sees Riya as a trend-follower, albeit one with an idiosyncratic approach to fashion. “New York itself is so varied, and every one there has an individualistic sense of style. In the second half of the film, Riya has matured, she’s clued in to trends and she knows how to make them her own,” Anaita explains.    

5 looks to steal from Shraddha Kapoor’s Half-Girlfriend wardrobe

Shraddha's embroidered peasant blouse and colourful backpack will take you straight back to that Goa trip with your girl gang.   

Fans of fashion's current retro rewind will instantly recognise the 90's choker, updated in lace for 2017. Make like Shraddha and pull your hair into a wispy bun, the barest hints of make-up showing off your natural glow.   

As long as athleisure dominates the world of fashion, the printed bomber will have a place in our wardrobes.     

In the film, Shraddha's character escapes to New York to pursue a career as a (jazz?) singer. Cue a wardrobe dominated by boho styling staples — felt fedora, stacked jewellery and Rapunzel-esque hair extensions.   

We can't imagine any college in India that would be ok with Shraddha's sheer dress with matching printed bustier, but a girl's allowed to dream, right? 

Shraddha goes glamorous for ELLE: