The health snack Shraddha Kapoor relies on to stay toned

You’d think that all the incessant movie promotions helped keep Shraddha Kapoor toned on-the-go, but she’d like you to know that her fitness regimen is a little more nuanced than that. The Baaghi actress is a happy gym bunny, and attributes her trim figure to weight training and Pilates.

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Top that off with a healthy diet; Shraddha is religious about avoiding carbs post-lunch and won’t have her dinner any later than 7.30 pm. “Another trick to avoid sugar cravings is to binge on desserts in the first half of the day,” she adds.

And how does she keep the mid-day hunger pangs in check? Shraddha graciously shared her 5-minute recipe to keeping those binges far, far away.

shraddha snack

Shraddha Kapoor’s DIY snack recipe

1. Throw together one handful of sprouted moong with diced cucumber and beetroot

2. Add a dash of red pepper and coriander, and top off with lemon juice.

3. Cook lightly in ghee and add a bit of masala as per your preference.

Now that you have her healthy living mojo, here’s how you can steal her style for yourself.

Shraddha Kapoor’s top wardrobe staples

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