Twitter loves this list of statements that women should say more often

Recent studies have concluded that men in the workplace dominate 75 percent of the conversation during conference meetings. You may also know that there are studies which conclude female contributions are more likely to be overestimated in dialogues than men, i.e. we often think women are speaking more than they are.

You also may have heard of the terms ‘manterruption’ and ‘mansplaining,’ wherein men speak over women and assume they understand topics more than their female counterpart does, regardless of her expertise.

These social phenomena all contribute to the upkeep of the patriarchy. Which we want to crush.

So, with that in mind, it might be obvious as to why this Tweet went totally viral.

User @Vegbby (we think she likes vegetables) posted a list of eight phrases that women should ‘practice’, they read:

1) you interrupted me. i’m not finished talking. 2) no 3) that isn’t funny 4) that isn’t appropriate 4) i already know that 5) that won’t be necessary 6) leave me alone 7) you’re making me uncomfortable 8) stop ignoring what i’m saying

The post quickly became viral with over 111k Retweets and over 280k likes.

Even Chrissy Teigen got in on the action, saying, ‘Aside from “no”, I honestly don’t think I have ever uttered these other statements and I kind of cringe even thinking about saying them. That is not right. Good post good post.

Another user made sure men got a slice of the fun, pointing out that men have as much if not more responsibility to help break a pattern that disadvantages them too:

good statements for men to practice saying to other men: 1) you interrupted her. stop being rude. 2) that isn’t funny 3) that isn’t appropriate 4) that won’t be necessary 5) leave her alone 6) you’re making her uncomfortable 7) stop ignoring what she’s saying


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