Sid Malhotra stealing Alia's beauty products is every boyfriend ever Advertisement

Sid Malhotra stealing Alia’s beauty products is every boyfriend ever

Shah Rukh Khan's birthday is the ultimate relationship rejuvenator

By ELLE team  November 3rd, 2017

Sidharth Malhotra and Alia Bhatt are the Justin Bieber-Selena Gomez of our times. The couple first got together after starring in their debut film, Student Of The Year, before briefly breaking up. Alia even discussed dealing with her break-up in an exclusive interview with ELLE, saying, “I hate it when people tell you to try and distract yourself. That’s very lame. It is temporary. Nobody’s found a cure for heartbreak. If they had, the world would be a much happier place.” Then in September, Sidharth went on record with Neha Dhupia to say that he “was very much single.”   

Things seemed to change once Diwali rolled around, with the couple being spotted together at multiple Bollywood parties, their attempts to avoid the paparazzi were laughably feeble. And by the time Shah Rukh Khan’s birthday rolled around on November 2, Sid and Alia were back to dropping major clues that they’re officially off the market and happily in love.

Exhibit A

Sid alia couple car

Sid and Alia share a ride back to Mumbai together after attending Shah Rukh Khan’s birthday. That’s a four hour car ride along a picturesque coast, for those not familiar with the terrain. 

Exhibit B  

sid alia face mist couple

Sid steals his girlfriend’s face mist to hydrate his skin before the long ride. Sharing/borrowing skincare products = standard long-term couple behaviour.

Exhibit C

Alia is wearing a striped T-shirt that’s identical to the one Sid wore on his chopper ride in. You may proceed to draw your own conclusions here.