Sidharth Malhotra is the face of a new cruelty-free make-up collection

Sidharth Malhotra was cuddling puppies when I walked into Mumbai’s famous landmark (and paparazzi hotspot) Mehboob Studio for this interview. A beautiful chocolate lab was dozing off in his arms, while a very regal husky happily shared the spotlight with the actor. With no context, this may well have been just another photoshoot in the life of Sid Malhotra but, in reality, the actor had never done anything like this before. You see, Malhotra has collaborated with make-up brand MyGlamm to be the face of it new LIT collection that launched on Dec 06, exclusively on Flipkart. A male actor has never endorsed a beauty line and, while that was exciting, the clincher for the actor (and certified dog-lover) was the fact that all the products would be #TestedOnSid, never on any animals. Hence, the puppies.

Of the campaign, Malaika Mahtaney, Chief Marketing Officer, MyGlamm, says “We’re excited about featuring a male star as the face of the campaign as a way of conveying that while our products are not tested on animals, they may, more often than not, be ‘tested’ on coveted men.”

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Here are excerpts from our conversation where the actor talks about bizarre beauty terms, what he finds most attractive in a woman and why he agreed to let the LIT collection be #TestedOnSid.

ELLE: First off, why did you decide to endorse a women’s make-up line?

Sidharth Malhotra: Why not? I found it interesting and very innovative. I think the idea is young and bold and sexy, just like the brand. However, I will confess, at first, I thought I had heard wrong when a make-up brand wanted to feature me in their campaign. I mean, it’s one thing to be a metrosexual man, but makeup? Really? Then I saw the premise, which is #TestedOnSID, and signed up as a willing guinea pig because I’d any day sign up for a product that is not tested on animals. I think the colours represent today’s young ladies: confident, strong, self-assured, and unafraid to express themselves. I hope their men clear the ‘test’ with flying colours.

ELLE: How has this experience changed your perception on the beauty standards that women are held to?

SM: I think it’s been a learning experience to see how much goes into women’s make-up, the art of getting ‘ready’. In technical terms, there were so many make-up phrases and words that I had never heard of. 

ELLE: Like what?

SM: Hitting the pan! Baking! Cupid’s bow, tightlining… the list is endless.

ELLE: What was it like to be the face of this campaign?

SM: It’s been a lot of fun, right from the beginning when they came up with this idea, we tried a whole bunch of things. This has never been done before so the challenge was to figure out how to work a male actor into the communication for a female-centric brand. In the end, the campaign has got a very naughty feel to it, like I am in on the irony, which I love.

ELLE: In terms of make-up for women, what do you find most attractive as a look?

SM: I think, minimal — just kajal-lined eyes and a little lipstick. However, for me, it all starts with a smile which is not cosmetic.

ELLE: Do you have a skincare routine that you follow — especially after shooting?

SM: The only thing I do religiously is remove my make-up as soon as I pack up. My skin is actually very sensitive. It changes according to the weather and the place I travel to. So I have to be kept constantly reminded by my make up artist to moisturise it and do different things which I’m bad with. However, I do try Ayurvedic skincare treatments when I go on holidays sometimes.

ELLE: Who do you think this line is for?

SM: This collection is perfect for women who are extremely bold, expressive, for women who like to use make-up a medium for expression.

The LIT collection, available on Dec 06 on,Flipkart and MyGlamm stores across India, features bold and statement-making lip and eye products, including Satin Matte lipsticks in 14 shades, pH Lip Balms that adapt to each wearer’s lips, giving them a unique, custom colour and vividly-pigmented Matte Lipliner and Eyeliner Pencils.

Shop the range here and here.

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