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Six ways to rock the lob this summer

Chop chop!

BY Tatiana Dias | March 27th, 2019

While long hair may be fun to style, it can quickly turn into a pain when you’re sweating bullets under that veil. That’s when it’s time to chop off those locks into a trendy lob! Don’t fret, short hair is equally fun to style so why not take the plunge? Here are six celebrity-inspired ways you can rock the lob this season:

Wave it like Mila Kunis

Tong your short locks into messy beach waves. This will add volume to your hair, while giving it a little more texture as well.

Top-knot it like Priyanka Chopra

If you've got natural waves, then simply own them with a fun half top knot. It's a fun way to play around with your natural look, while giving it a more stylish spin.

Messy-bun it like Selena Gomez

Wear your hair like you just don't care (but you actually do), with a messy bun. Let those baby hairs and side flicks stand out too.

Sleek it like Gal Gadot

Want to keep things simple? You can flat iron your hair into a neat and sleek lob, with the perfect side-parting.

Slick it and flick it like Sayani Gupta

Put your hair into a neat slick-back bun, only keeping a few strands from the front loose. You can even tong that section into waves to give it a more glam look.

Accessorise it like Ileana D'Cruz

Give your lob a trendy makeover with accessories like a beret or some bobby pins. There are multiple ways in which a few accessories can brighten up and dazzle the hairstyle of your choice.