Skagen's new collection is timeless and modern at the same time Advertisement

Skagen’s new collection is timeless and modern at the same time

Hygge all the way

By Manali Shah  January 7th, 2019

Images of Copenhagen’s heritage harbour houses almost inevitably come to mind at the mention of the country. These colourful buildings have the ability to transport you to a different era, no matter where you are. For over 300 years, the city harbour has been a place where locals and tourists mingle, exchange ideas and share the beautiful view. It’s this vibe and energy that Skagen’s new collection of watches, Aaren Kulør, captures.

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Aaren Kulør, which means, to add colour and fun in Danish, embodies the warmth of the indoors through rich shades of red, orange, yellow and blue, and contrasts it with an icy sparkle to represent the cold outdoors. Skagen’s trademark mesh band material finds a place in the new line of timepieces as well. The timepieces feature aluminium cases and silicone straps, and those of you with tiny wrists, select options in 36mm cases will make sure the watches provide a perfect fit. The collection’s interchangeable straps mean that you get a bigger bang for your buck—switch it up and have fun playing around with different looks. 

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The Aaren Kulør timepieces

The timepieces will appeal to lovers of all things minimalist—the eye-catching collection’s monochromatic colour palette is just what you need. The new collection is perfectly in line with Skagen’s design philosophy — good design for better living. Skagen gives a nod to the coastal Danish town from which it takes not only a name, but also its less-is-more approach. The design aesthetic is subtle and understated, yet elegant. A Skagen timepiece will ensure you make a statement, without being obvious. Trends may come and go but its timeless design means you’re always in vogue.