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6 apps that can teach you valuable skills with little effort

Give the infinite scroll on Instagram a well-deserved break

By Salva Mubarak  July 3rd, 2017

Yes, this is 2017 and no living human being can shame you when you’re 50 weeks deep in your favourite celebrity’s dog’s Instagram at 2 am on a Saturday night. How else will you glean valuable lessons on gaining Instagram cred from Priyanka Chopra’s Diana?

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What if we tell you there is an option to spend the time between hitting the sheets and falling asleep that will not cause you to reevaluate your entire existence and experience being jealous of a little pup? Yes, we’ve curated a list of apps that you can learn a host of skills from.

From learning how to save a life to finally mastering the art of no-make-up make-up, these apps will help you turn your otherwise unhealthy habit into something useful.

6 apps that can teach you valuable skills

CPR and Choking

If you don’t have time to enroll in your local first-aid class then you can download this app on your phone and brush up on the basics to prepare for any emergency. It has been developed by qualified physicians, adept in emergency care. It offers basic information on how to perform CP and how to save someone from choking via informative visuals and videos. It also keeps updating with changes in universal guidelines. Android users can download Learn CPR!, a similar app that helps you learn CPR and potentially help someone in need.

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You don’t need fancy bars and fancier bartenders to start a party. Learn how to make more than 8,000 cocktails without even getting up from your bed. The app has a library of different recipes by categories. It even allows you to add whatever liquor and mixers you’ve got stocked up in your home bar and offer customizable recipes using them. You can brush up on some bartending techniques (other than being a terrific listener) and how to stir a drink properly before your next party rolls out.

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Prepping for your upcoming trip to Paris will require more than memorizing all the names of the cheese you want to gorge on during your time there. Before you start panicking and booking yourself a friendly neighbourhood tutor, download Duolingo on your phone and learn the basics of French and a variety of exotic languages, including Spanish, Dutch, Portugese, Italian, Irish, Danish and  Swedish.The app offers a visual interactive way to learn these languages in the form of short lessons and quizzes that help with improving memorization. 

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Free Morse Code

OK. Hear us out. You don’t need to be buried inside a submarine to be proficient in understanding and speaking in Morse code. Picture this: you and your BFF are at brunch and a girl you both couldn’t stand from college is making her way to your table. How do you communicate your foolproof escape route to your friend without tipping off the oncoming intrusion? Unless you’ve managed to concoct a secret language between the two of you, Morse code can come to your rescue. Blink or tap your way to a blissful escape.

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You’ve seen the tutorials and suffered the harsh judgment after a contour gone bad. Learn how to do a smokey eye to rival all smokey eyes while travelling to work. This app offers step-by-step tutorials for hair and make-up and even keeps you up-to-date on latest trends in beauty from around the world. It features product reviews and tips from bloggers and influencers across the web. But be warned, it also has has an online shopping feature with all your favourite beauty brands in one convenient location so if you find yourself a few thousand bucks lighter, then you know who to blame.

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If you’ve had it with decoding which superfood works best for you or whether you should adopt the health trend taking over Instagram or not, download this app and relax. It offers a selection of about 200 healthy recipes from the lifestyle website EatingWell. These recipes are easy-to-make and quick. You can make some of them in less than 15 minutes. You can get tips, cuisine type, straightforward instructions and nutritional information about the ingredients to make you aware of what’s on your plate.

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