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Smoke House Deli puts superfoods on the menu

We ate our way through the healthy plates – and you should too!

By ELLE team  February 26th, 2016

On an ordinary day we like to sink our teeth into anything that’s been deep fried. (Cheese, onion rings… we could go on.) We’re not saying that’s ideal. But it is immensely gratifying, isn’t it? Superfoods haven’t quite had the same effect, till we met Smoke House Deli’s new menu.

We started with the salads. Grilled peach and papaya with amaranth granola and sunflower seeds was even better than it sounds – the ever so slightly salty granola was a nice surprise in the otherwise sweet salad. The kale and millet soup (you can happily add chicken to this) feels like a warn hug. The coconut and seafood broth was elevated with a hint of lemongrass and coriander.

The gluten-free fettucine with tomato and braised veggies was less flavorful than we expected. Ditto for the gluten free ravioli with coconut and soy milk.  Skip right to the pan roasted chicken on a bed of red rice and millet and you won’t be disappointed.  Even the seared rawas we had – with soy milk and Bhavnagri sauce was a winner – the buttery corn and chickpeas added crunch.

We ended our meal on a high, with a banana flour cake with carrot paté – trust us, you won’t miss chocolate one bit – and a cacao nib and soy milk cheesecake with nachini crust. Sneakily healthy, just the way we like it! 

Meal for two costs Rs 2,000 approx, across Smoke House Deli outlets.