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3 saucy podcasts that belong to your must-hear list

'Guys We F**ked' wants you to own your sexuality

By Neville Bhandara  May 30th, 2017

Saucy, brutally honest with zero tolerance for political correctness and diplomacy: A wave of all-female podcasts is turning the audio industry on its head. Even as homegirls Chuski Pop make all the right noises about objectification in cinema, the global map is being led by ‘Guys We F**ked’ that says it like it is. Elsewhere, #GoodMuslimBadMuslim is eschewing diplomacy and boldly touching upon the tricky conversation of religion.

Snarky to insightful to everything in between, these podcasts are making a world of difference. If you haven’t started yet, we’ll help you find your new favourite one here.

3 witty podcasts that you should be on your must-hear playlist

Another Round with Heben and Tracy

Heben Nigatu and Tracy Clayton touch upon everything from race and religion to pop culture and bad jokes. They even flip the switch sometimes: in White Devil’s Advocate, they look at racism from the perpetrator’s point of view. If it doesn’t provoke, it’s not Heben and Tracy.

Check them out here

Guys We F**ked

Krystyna Hutchinson and Corinne Fisher have one message for you: own your sexuality. Their anti-slut shaming podcast deals with sexual health, racial discrimination, domestic violence and rape. The goal is to encourage women to feel more comfortable in their skin, and be able to enjoy more shame-free sex.

Give them a listen here


Tanzila ‘Taz’ Ahmed and Zahra Noorbakhsh examine what it means to be caught in-between: to be seen as ‘bad Muslims’ (who don’t pray) by some and ‘good Muslims’ (for not being criminals) by others in a post-9/11 world. So, they define themselves by poking fun at both sides.

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