It’s time to learn some new moves for your sangeet

You’d think it would be awkward to watch foreigners pull Bollywood moves and you’re right. But when it comes to the extremely talented dancers of So You Think You Can Dance (the international edition) it’s the nice kind of awkward. A lot of people threw in a lot of flak because it wasn’t ‘pure’ Bollywood or whatever but if you keep the purism aside and really see how trained ballerinas (who’ve never loved Bollywood with the kind of nationalistic fervour here in India) do it, a couple of seconds in and your head drops sideways like, “Awwwwwwww.” These guys are adorable when they’re dancing to the heavily trimmed Kapoor and Sons track (yes the one Nucleya worked on). Almost as adorable as Alia Bhatt  (read her interview with her sister here) who’s in the actual video. Up the ante at your girlfriend’s sangeet!

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