5 facts mum-to-be Soha Ali Khan would like all women to know

Motherhood is said to give your skin a luminous glow, but Soha Ali Khan’s voice is beaming with radiance too. The Khan household has reason to celebrate again, after recently welcoming little Taimur Ali Khan to the family. “Kareena has been very helpful. She recently went through this. So, I keep asking her a lot of questions on a daily basis. What should I eat, what is allowed, what isn’t,” she revealed at an event hosted by skincare specialist Bio-Oil.

The mum-to-be revealed the tips that expecting women need to know, and all the things that they definitely don’t need to hear.

The biggest mistake women make is trying to take on the world alone

“Pregnancy is like a hormonal rollercoaster; you put on weight and then you lose that weight. The physical changes and the stretch marks can be difficult to digest sometimes, but it’s nice to have someone around to make you feel good about it, to pamper you and make it a group journey.”

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The one beauty tip she’s following

“Everyone has their words of wisdom to share, but there’s one thing that I’ve been told universally is that you must hydrate your skin in the second trimester; BioOil really helps me nourish my skin while cutting down on stretch marks.”

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That she hasn’t hung up her exercise shoes just yet

“You should keep in mind that you only exercise as much as your medical practitioner has cleared you to. I am currently practising prenatal yoga thrice a week combined with lots of walking.”

But she doesn’t really have time for stereotypes

“I hate how people automatically assume that expecting women won’t be capable of working. The important thing is that you have a supportive environment. But be careful that you only take on as much workload as you can. ” 

Because all said and done, you definitely don’t need any more advice

“The one thing that a pregnant woman gets is advice, I won’t add to it. Get your advice from a doctor; don’t believe anything you read online.”

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