Sonakshi Sinha’s stunning fitness evolution over the years

How does a person with over eight million followers on Instagram and Twitter each—all of them watching, judging, adoring, trolling her every move on- and offline—manage to get through showbiz unscathed? Sonakshi Sinha has carved out a stronghold in a male-dominated industry, delivered multiple hits as a solo lead and still found the time to come up with enough body positivity to drown out the haters.

In an industry where advice abounds aplenty, Sonakshi has defiantly stuck to being herself, peddling the message that self-worth stems from loving yourself in just the shape you are. That said, she can still kick your butt in gym.  

If you’d like to get in on Sonakshi’s (abundant) body acceptance, here’s how she does it.

How Sonakshi Sinha transformed over the years

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