Sun, sea and sand—vacation spots that are Sonakshi Sinha approved Advertisement

Sun, sea and sand—vacation spots that are Sonakshi Sinha approved

She’s all about the #beachlife

By Drishti Kapadia  July 12th, 2019

White sand beaches, clear blue water and warm sunshine, what better way to run away from the Indian monsoons than by sitting at the beach, right? Sonakshi Sinha, actress, diver and an ocean-lover agrees. Whether you’re looking for an adventure or something more relaxing, these seaside spots are anything but disappointing.

Sonakshi Sinha holiday destination

Apart from the adventurous activities, you can also opt for a spa treatment when you visit. The massage techniques may be common, but each resort spa uses a combination of locally sourced ingredients to make sure you leave feeling rejuvenated and refreshed.

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Sonakshi Sinha holiday destination

Get your sunscreen and cap and head over to Bondi Beach for a picturesque stroll. Do not get intimidated by the long walk, the views, beautiful rock pools and seaside cafes are all worth it.

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Sonakshi Sinha holiday destination

Besides the world famous Merlion, the sunsets are another thing you just cannot miss when you’re visiting. It’s a treat, we promise.

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