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Sonakshi Sinha body transformation: How the actress got into the best shape of her life

"Losing out on progress is not worth one lazy day"

By Rochelle Pinto  May 28th, 2018

Like most millenials, Sonakshi Sinha has discovered that bread is her body’s persona non grata. “I’ve completely cut bread out of my diet and that’s worked wonders for me. I now snack on eggs or dry fruits when I get hungry between meals.” The fitter-than-ever Sonakshi Sinha body transformation that debuted on her Instagram account just a few days ago has been hard won, she admits. “Over the years, I’ve realised that consistency is key, so I’ve tried to be as regular as I can. But I guess I hit the gym with a vengeance when my shoot (for Happy Phirr Bhag Jayegi) got pushed. I felt there was no better way to utilise my time than to work on myself. Once the results started showing, I only pushed myself harder. That has always been my biggest motivation, seeing a positive change in myself.”

Like any curvy girl, Sonakshi is no stranger to weight fluctuations.The plus size fashion student had lost a fair bit of weight before making her debut in 2010’s Dabangg, but it’s only now that she’s really figured out what works for her body. She recalls, “Earlier, I used to think that I could eat anything as long as I was working out. For my body type, that doesn’t hold true at all. You are what you eat, and it’s 70 percent diet and 30 percent work out. So I had to make that small change. I try and eat much healthier than I did earlier and it only adds to all the effort I’m putting into my workouts.”

With a new game plan — “I eat about 4 to five small meals a day. And I eat every 3-4 hours” — and fresh motivation in the form of those toned abs, Sonakshi is looking to inspire other girls to take responsibility for their body image. “I’ve always been someone who’s projected a very healthy body image, because I know girls today can get carried away by false expectations of what their bodies should look like,” she says. “When I started out, the goals I set myself was to feel better, and be better than what I was yesterday. That’s most important. The relationship you share with your body is a very personal one, and it only will listen to you and change at its own pace.”

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As for those lazy days when you just can’t find the willpower to kick yourself out of bed and into your trainers, Sonakshi has some words of encouragement. “I tell myself that the work I put in yesterday will go to waste if I don’t keep it up today. Losing out on progress is not worth one lazy day.”

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