Sonakshi Sinha: "I was an overweight child, but it never bothered me." Advertisement

Sonakshi Sinha: “I was an overweight child, but it never bothered me.”

The actor embodies summer in custom creations by the most coveted names in fashion

By Cheryl-Ann Couto  June 9th, 2017

Sonakshi Sinha does all the things that behove a young celebrity—and she does them well. She’s a regular red-carpet stunner, has slash-worthy talents like dancing and singing, radiates body love on Instagram, lends her voice to PETA, denounces pay disparity in her industry, and even lets on feminist leanings every now and then. Yet, somehow she doesn’t hitch her identity to any one of them, as lucrative as that might be in this time of hyper-personal branding.

Even her primary job as an actor, she tells me, she loves, but doesn’t necessarily live for. “Once I take up a film, I make sure I give it my all. I get completely involved, but not to the extent of cutting off from the rest of my life. I guess I’m focused, yet I can detach.”

The next lesson, then, is in balance—you know, that urban legend that keeps entire wellness and self-help industries thriving? Sinha tells me she’s had it from the time she was little: that clarity that no one thing can define your happiness and self-esteem. “I was an overweight child, and I knew I’d never be an actor because I didn’t look the part. But it didn’t bother me, because I always felt I had so many other things to be confident about— I was well educated, I could hold a conversation, I was good at sports, painting, etc. So even with Dabangg, I thought, okay let me try it. If it doesn’t go well, I can always do something else.” Her parents, she says, are entirely to blame for her robust sense of self. “They were a really strong support system. I was never made to feel like I was less-than or that there was anything I could not do.”

“This dress is designed with the season’s romance in mind: lush summer fruits and wild flowers bursting towards the sky,” says Tarun Tahiliani.

Pleated sari-drape dress, Tarun Tahiliani

“Feminine and naive, this gauzy summer coat dress is scattered with delicate flowers and leaves, as though scribbled with coloured pencils onto the fabric” explains designers Abraham & Thakore. 

Cotton cover-up, Abraham & Thakore. 18K gold and diamond bracelet, Gehna Jewellers

“We tried to create a lightweight and playful piece with beautiful colours. The inspiration came from a scene I saw once, of blooming Japanese cherry blossoms, with singing birds and dancing butterflies—this dress is my visualisation of a love song," explains Rahul Mishra.

Organza dress, Rahul Mishra. Embroidered shoes, Dior. 18K gold, diamond and ruby earrings, Gehna Jewellers

"We wanted to give Sonakshi a very feminine yet modern look. In sync with our S/S 2017 collection, we wanted to play with sheer fabrics and florals enhanced by intricate thread work on a summer-friendly pale blue canvas," smiles Anita Dongre.

Net and tulle dress, Anita Dongre. White gold, diamond and aquamarine necklace, Zoya

"This ensemble has been made to recreate a mood of romance and femininity. The translucency of the chanderi cotton silk gives it an airy quality, while the fresh hydrangea blossoms lend it a hint of glamour," says Payal Pratap.

Cotton dress, Payal Pratap. 18K rose gold, white diamond and ruby earrings, Aurelle by Leshna Shah

"The jumpsuit is my tribute to the ’70s. As a child of that decade, florals remind me of the major recurring trends of the time: flower power and the hippie movement,” elaborates Sabyasachi Mukherjee.

Georgette jumpsuit and cover-up, Sabyasachi. White diamond and ruby ring, Anmol set with Mozambican rubies by Gemfields.

"The idea was to give Sonakshi a printed skirt with a fringe top that envelops her body like a flower, tied together with flowers that leave no boundaries," says Anamika Khanna.

Embroidered silk blouse, chiffon skirt, chiffon and feather cover-up; all Anamika Khanna

 Sonakshi chose to steal hearts:

Photographs: Colston Julian. Styling: Rahul Vijay. Hair: Yianni Tsapatori/Faze Management; Make-Up: Nileysh Parmaar; Assisted By: Salonee Khosla, Urvashi Singh (Styling); Set Design: Petals Deas (