Sonakshi Sinha lets us in on her true blue beauty essentials Advertisement

Sonakshi Sinha lets us in on her true blue beauty essentials

Stock up on these products for her easy glow

By Drishti Kapadia  July 19th, 2019

Sonakshi Sinha’s beauty list contains basic products that actually work—no gimmicks here. A flick, a glow and a lot of hydration are the secret to her flawless look. “I think my eyes are my best feature so I try to highlight them when I do my own liner, and being an artist helps! I usually opt for black eyeliner and I’ve been practicing my eyeliner skills since I discovered make-up,” she says. 

Using a felt tip pen liner gives you the smoothest strokes and sharpest flicks, go for a classic cat eye or an all-out thick, winged look.

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“A good moisturiser is essential and I usually go for one that’s non-oily and doesn’t make my skin shine too much.”——

If you have oily skin, opt for a moisturiser that has glycolic acid since this powerful ingredient gets rid of excessive oil and unclogs your pores.

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 “Sunscreen is an essential, especially when you’re shooting outdoors or you could try a foundation that has SPF.”

When it comes to sun protection, it’s easier to be cautious than try to reverse the damage. The latest sunscreen formulation on the block is powder-one swipe and you’re good to go.

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