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Sonam Kapoor’s make-up artist reveals her favourite make-up look

It's probably your go-to style too

By Hasina Khatib  February 10th, 2017

The one thing you know with Sonam Kapoor is that you just can’t ever know with Sonam Kapoor. She can step out of her vanity van sporting anything from goth lips to schoolgirl plaits. She may like to keep her critics guessing, but her favourite make-up artist and BFF Namrata Soni insists that she has a failsafe backup that never lets her down: red lips.

Scroll through Namrata’s Instagram feed and you’ll be greeted with a quick succession of Sonam sporting bold red lips, with no two styles ever looking the same. The trick? Sonam keeps playing around with her eye make-up; she has previously gone on record to admit that she feels Indian women tend to focus on their eyes, with the lips coming as an afterthought. Extolling the virtues of a bold red pout, she shakes things up by digging into a variety of eye make-up trends (the recent two-toned eyeshadow was a hot favourite.)

Sonam Kapoor’s go-to make-up look

Sonam is partial to her Anamika Khannas; almost as partial as she is to her red mattes.

For dressier nights-out, Sonam’s staple red lips set up a beautiful canvas for the dual winged eyeliner. 

And let's not forget the time she coordinated her lips with her nails. Matchy-matchy make-up isn’t gone yet, definitely not on Sonam’s watch. 

Off-duty beauty, you say? Sonam has a plethora of denims and red matte lipsticks for you.

That time she almost committed to the no make-up look, but couldn’t resist and swiped on her favourite red lipper anyway. 

Without competing with her elaborate Ralph & Russo separates for attention, Sonam keeps things old school with a statement red pout. 

Our personal favourite though? The time she topped off her Ferragamo threads with a killer red pout. Yep, Sonam definitely ought to come with a safety disclaimer. 

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