7 statement bags we'd totally steal from Sonam Kapoor Advertisement

7 statement bags we’d totally steal from Sonam Kapoor

...and do the jail time too. No regrets.

By Hasina Khatib  April 19th, 2017

Thanks to the brilliant promotional blitz around the 2010 movie Aisha, a lot has been said and written about Sonam Kapoor’s love affair with all things Dior. But when it comes to statement-making handbags, the lady doesn’t discriminate. From the usual suspects (think Hermès Birkins for days) to daintier finds from Chloé and Mark Cross, Sonam’s bag wardrobe has space for everyone. Although we are pretty sure that the only way she can fit them all in one place is by renting a separate temperature-controlled housing unit. 

While we set our in-house Sherlock Holmes and his understudy to work on investigating that particular theory, here are all the statement bags that we’d love to ‘borrow’ from the fashion fiend.

Meet the superstars of Sonam Kapoor’s bag closet

Wait, is that Sonam sneaking in a quick hug to her Mark Cross sling bag there? Given the number of times this boxy piece has stood her in good stead, we can’t really say that we blame her either. A bit higher in the pecking order than a regular sling but with enough room to negate the need for lugging around a tote, Mark Cross’ little trinket is hard to put down. 

If they ever make a movie on Sonam Kapoor’s life, her little Hermès Kelly will definitely be snapped up to play a starring role. Out-and-about in Mumbai or rubbing shoulders with the stylish crew at Cannes, Sonam’s close friendship with her tan Kelly is the stuff high school slambooks write about.

When it isn’t working double duty as a desk-to-drinks buddy, this Chloé sling bag is enjoying major facetime on Sonam Kapoor’s 9 million strong Instagram fanbase. All-white ensembles or print-on-print madness, this tan number will be there for you.

Did you honestly think that you could read an inventory of Sonam’s lust-worthy bag collection and the words ‘Hermès Birkin’ wouldn’t show up? Sonam's classic Birkin sees the light of the day, and the lens of her phone camera, regularly; sometimes, with a minion accessory for company, because she’s Sonam Kapoor and she can.

Chanel’s classic flap bag is fully equipped to go the distance, and further proof to that end can be sought in the fact that Sonam’s Chanel bag has been by her side since her struggler days. 

We aren’t quite sure what the initiation process into the most stylish club of Bollywood involves, but we imagine there’s some amount of worship allotted at the altar of Louis Vuitton. When she isn’t wheeling around classic trunks from the label, Sonam is slinging on a casual Louis Vuitton bagpack for instant brownie points in the airport fashion stakes.