Sonam Kapoor has pulled a Kardashian again, she now has her own emojis Advertisement

Sonam Kapoor has pulled a Kardashian again, she now has her own emojis

Who needs words when you have stickers?

By Salva Mubarak  February 2nd, 2017

Sonam Kapoor has a lot in common with Kim Kardashian, a sentence we never thought we’d say. Just like the Kween K, Sonam Kapoor loves breaking the internet, whether it’s with her calling a spade a spade or introducing the world to the ‘denim sari‘, they both launch trends just by posting them on Instagram and they both have their own apps. But now, just like Kimojis, you can speak using Sonam Kapoor emoji stickers. 

Screenshot 3

In case you’ve been hibernating throughout 2016 like the entire humanity should have been doing, you wouldn’t be aware of Sonam’s app that lets her fans take a peak inside her life and get regular updates about everything from what she is eating to chatting with her via a live stream. Her fans or, as she fondly likes to call them, ‘her tribe’ could even chat with each other about their love and devotion for Sonam. Now they can do so using different versions of her as stickers.

For instance, why should you say ‘hi’ like a regular person when you can use Sonam’s Neerja avatar to do the same? And if your friend tells you that she got an extra order of fries accidentally then you can express your delight using Sonam Kapoor because why not?

sonam emoji 2

Whether we’ll be speaking Sonam Kapoor stickers from now on or not, for now, the Sonamojis (no?) are available exclusively on her app for her ‘tribe’ to use.