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Sonam Kapoor joins Snapchat

Plus, other fashionable Snapchat newbies to follow this minute!

By Anjan Sachar  September 10th, 2015

We all know Instagram isn’t as instant as it’s supposed to be – most of us are guilty of uploading throwback photos from that holiday back in 2010. Celebrities have been increasingly sharing their lives on social media using the good ol’ Twitter and Facebook, now progressing on to the timeliest social media handle yet, Snapchat. Just yesterday, Sonam Kapoor announced her new social media undertaking on Instagram so that we can “watch her stumble through her day”. From her breakfast to spa appointments, she’ll take you everywhere, one Snap story at a time. Look for sonamakapoor. 

Oh, there’s also a bunch of other newbies on the app that you should follow:

Sonakshi Sinha
Username: aslisona
She’s been taking us across Budapest, letting us in on her rehearsals, and generally posting all sorts of goofy photos with doodles all over them.   

Alexander Wang
Username: AlexanderWangNY
Get first dibs on cool offers and get invited to his events! For the launch of his recent line in collaboration with, he asked 10 people to take a screenshot of his invitation on Snapchat, and queue up outside his New York store for a “special package”.   

Nicola Formichetti
Username: nicopanda
Get inside his studio and his walk-in wardrobe. Formichetti is happy to give you an all-access pass to his life, and give you a glimpse of his #OOTD, his crazy friends, and even his quirky-cool boots.    

Maison Valentino
Username: maisonvalentino
Now we hope this account doesn’t stay dead for long. Fashion weeks are usually when it springs to life, and takes you backstage before anyone else. 

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