This is how Sonam Kapoor gets ready Advertisement

This is how Sonam Kapoor gets ready

As told by stylist extraordinaire Rhea Kapoor

By Hasina Khatib  May 4th, 2017

Celebrities like Sonam Kapoor knows that decking up for the red carpet may look fun, but the flashing lens doesn’t forget, nor does it forgive. One misstep and everyone with internet access turns into a self-appointed judge and jury. So how do you go about avoiding all the minefields? We roped in Rhea Kapoor, Sonam’s main stylist, to tell us how she gets it right every damn time.

All good things in life begin with lists, so here’s what’s on Rhea’s checklist before prepping her sister for a red carpet bonanza.

Sonam Kapoor’s red carpet checklist

Double-sided tape

“You don’t want anything to pop out,” Rhea matter-of-factly distils every celebrity’s worst nightmare. More details on how it works here.

Right underwear

As sheer dresses monopolize the red carpets, the first checkbox on every stylist’s to-do list is the right innerwear. Strapless dresses call for corsets, while nude undergarments are flying off the shelves.


“I always start with a really good colour, and build on that,” Rhea adds. Sonam isn’t afraid of monochrome ennui, and her head-to-toe pink Caroline Hayden outing proves that.

Good shoes

“You need shoes that are effective and comfortable. Your thigh-high boots can look seriously hot, but if you walk and pose really badly in them, it doesn’t make any sense,” she says dismissively.

“Flawless hair and makeup never hurt anybody.”

Celebrity make-up artist Namrata Soni can personally vouch for that. Here’s how she single-handedly brought the two-toned eyeshadow back in vogue.

Sonam Kapoor’s radar

When you spend half your life on red carpets, you’re no slacker when it comes to decking up for a wedding either.

You can never go wrong with a traditional lehenga

When it comes to Anamika Khanna, it is impossible to pick just one. Further proof to that end can be provided by this ethereal lehenga that Sonam coupled with a tousled updo. Two-tiered necklaces are still a thing, so double up on the bling. Princess perfect twirl mandatory, of course.

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When in doubt,go back to basics

A classic black Anamika Khanna gown, a generous hand with the siren red lipper and you’re ready to make some memories of your own. Can't decide between a statement choker or earrings?  Sonam doesn’t pick one, and you shouldn’t either. This season, more is more. 

Ditch the western diktats

We get it; your romcom-muddled brain is begging you to a pull an Katherine Heigl from 27 Dresses. Don’t worry; saying no to those stiff cocktail dresses will get much easier once you get an eyeful of Sonam Kapoor in this boho number from Anamika Khanna. Tribal prints are always, but always, in style, so find one that matches your mood. Bonus points for indulging your boho princess with a romantic trail.