Proof that Sonam Kapoor’s boyfriend Anand Ahuja is her biggest fan

Let’s just pass a general rule that you can’t upload more than one picture of your partner a day. Let their love inspire you everyday or whatever intense PDA situation you have going on. But please, limit their exposure on social media; a platform everyone can agree is predominantly for fluffy child animals and butts.


One picture is the sweet spot, it lets the world appreciate your love, any more than that and you’re just reminding people how single they are. And while we’re happy (so happy) that Sonam and Anand have found each other, Anand’s Instagram fan-girling over Sonam’s style is just reminding us that no one is cheering us on when we get ready in the morning. Like, adulting is hard and we would like a shout-out for getting our pants on too.

Maybe we’re just bitter because Sonam currently has the wardrobe of our dreams, an equally stylish boyfriend who uploads candid-ish pictures of her praising her style and a stylist sister to keep her on trend. And we’re just trying to get free delivery out here. But it could also be that Sonam Kapoor is living her best life and Anand Ahuja is the unconditional support system here to document it.


You’re doing great sweety.

The truth is we’re happy (so happy) that Sonam and Anand are expressing their love for one another freely and openly but fan-girling over your s/o is a bit much. Like we get it, she’s our style icon too but you guys have started dressing similar and it’s getting awkward. And while we’re 100% here for Sonam Kapoor and Anand Ahuja’s social media display of affection let’s limit it to one post a day.

It’s the right amount of cuteness, don’t you think? Just a single picture of you guys doing what you do, enough to make us go, “Awee”. More than that and it’s overkill, like, “Oh, here we go again.” 

 IMG 4998 

Anand has uploaded the same picture of Sonam twice. Like he’s in awe that she wouldn’t look better the second time around.

IMG 4999


He’s then uploaded an elevator selfie of her completed look, once again complimenting her style.

IMG 5002 


And finally finished of his series with a picture of Sonam at what seems to be an airport with the caption, “got thangs to learn from @sonamkapoor.”


We wonder if there will be a sequel to the four part rom-com. One look at Sonam’s closet and we’ll bet it returns for another season.

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