Sonam Kapoor’s DIY skin masque will work wonders on your tan

Jetting around the world can do wonders for your Instagram feed, and the exact opposite to your skin. Sonam Kapoor acknowledges that, and resorts to basics to get her skin peppy again. Or that’s what Namrata Soni, her go-to make-up artist, will have you believe.

At Innisfree’s beauty masterclass, Soni spilled a few of Sonam’s skincare secrets. Surprise, surprise, they don’t all cost the earth.

  1. Raid your mom’s neatly-organized pantry for multani mitti (or fuller’s earth) and turmeric. (Try unsuccessfully to keep the Vicco Turmeric jingle from playing in your head.)
  2.  Mix the two with a tablespoon of honey. Apply evenly on face and allow to dry. Rinse off after 10 minutes and repeat weekly.

“Sonam has been blessed with great skin naturally, but while travelling, the sun gets to her,” explains Soni. “Her aunt’s concoction helps reduce the tan and even out the skin tone.” Just in time for summer.

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