Spotlight: Jacqueline Fernandez

Nothing about Jacqueline Fernandez’s clear, porcelain skin suggests that she suffered awful acne in her teens. Her secret? Plenty of cooling coconut water and a daily skincare routine to which The Body Shop’s tea tree oil products were integral. Considering this long personal association with the brand, becoming its new face was pretty organic. In town to promote this association, Jacqueline Fernandez shares with us her beauty and fitness go-tos

ELLE: Tell us about your association with The Body Shop.

Jacqueline Fernandez: It’s awesome to be their brand ambassador! It’s incredible seeing my face attached to products I’ve been using since I was a teenager. I have always shared the sentiments that the brand stands for. 

ELLE: What’s your daily beauty regimen like?

JF: It’s a combination of a healthy diet, and a skincare and fitness routine. The must-haves in my food basket are super foods, nuts, nut milks, quinoa, salads, green vegetables and fruits. I grew up in Bahrain where it was always scorching hot, so I used to drink a lot of coconut water to keep myself hydrated and it worked wonders for my skin as well. I now swear by it and add it to my juices and smoothies. I also keep my skin hydrated by spritzing on rose, mineral or aloe vera water. I never, ever forget my daily skincare ritual, whether I’m tired or shooting. It’s especially important when you have so much make-up on your face every day.
Earlier, fitness was only about losing weight, but now I’m more about pursuing a holistic approach and overall wellbeing. I alternate my fitness routine with yoga; I practise Hatha, Ashtanga or Iyengar with cardio and strength training.

ELLE: And what about when you’re on location or shooting?

JF: When I was shooting with Salman Khan for Kick, I saw him work out twice a day, every day! When you see someone like that, and such commitment, you really have no excuses left. On days that I feel really stretched, I try devoting at least 20 minutes to cardio, or work on specific areas. 

ELLE: What are your top five picks from The Body Shop?

JF: I love the Vanilla Body Mist, Brazil Nut Body Butter, Tea Tree Oil, Coconut Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer and Rainforest Coconut Hair Oil.

ELLE: Beauty with a Heart is one of The Body Shop’s biggest ecological awareness building campaigns. How do you intend to be a part of it?

JF: I have been and still am involved with PETA in their campaign against horse carriages. I am also with Habitat for Humanity. My association with The Body Shop helps me take social awareness one step ahead. Through the brand, I will be able to educate myself and others about fair trade, cruelty-free products and other initiatives led by the brand.

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Photograph: Suresh Natarajan

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