16 times Sridevi and Janhvi Kapoor proved they shared the same sense of style

Style flowed in her blood; never did we see Sridevi looking less than perfect, and while attending formal occasions, she always ensured her daughters matched her sartorial vision. Right from the time Janhvi was a baby, Sridevi would pick outfits that complemented her own, and the loving mother clearly didn’t stop even when Janhvi was all grown up. From wearing the same designer to picking similar colours for their ensembles, there was a definite image that Sridevi and Janhvi Kapoor were creating — one that resonated with the Kapoor style file; one that stood for solidarity and strength.

We picked 9 times that the adorable mother and daughter duo were #twinning — right from wearing the same accessories, carrying similar clutches, opting for the same hairstyle… so much so that they look like clones of each other. And there’s no doubt that Janhvi will always remind us of Sridevi.

16 times Sridevi and Janhvi were #twinning:

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