St. Moritz promises a chill scene amidst snow and stars

For dollops of unadulterated quiet, served fresh by the cinematic Alps, with air as crisp and clear as champagne, outdoor hot tubs and gargantuan glaciers on the side, a portion of adventure, and a sprinkling of retail therapy at the best labels in the world — St. Moritz had better be on your must-visit list. At 5,900 ft, this luxury-resort town is a three-hour, Insta-friendly Rail Europe ride-to-remember from Zurich, and while every inch of St. Moritz yields fable-like sights to exercise your selfie arm, its real charm lies not only in its natural grandeur and vast quietude, but in its ability to transport you far away from the cacophony of urban life.

Engadin St3. Moritz 1
Kite surfing on the lake St. Moritz


St. Moritz owes its ‘birthplace of winter tourism’ title to Johannes Badrutt (founder of St Moritz’s first hotel, Kulm) and a famous bet. The story goes: back in 1864, Badrutt invited a group of skeptical Englishmen—familiar only with UK-style damp, dispiriting winters — to experience St. Moritz’s warm December sun and blue skies. If they visited and weren’t convinced of Badrutt’s claims, he’d foot the whole trip. But once they arrived in this winter wonderland, not only did Badrutt win, he also marked the beginning of a very enriching phase for St. Moritz’s tourism.

Diavolezza 4


In the summer, you can waft lazily on Lake St. Moritz for a liquid lunch, while the chilly breeze deliciously splices the warm sun. Take your GoPro for a mountain bike ride or hit one of the many trekking routes. A cable car ride will take you to the viewpoint Diavolezza, for magnificent views of Morteratsch Glacier, and an opportunity to loosen those stress knots in an open-air hot tub. During winter, the lake freezes over and forms the playground for all things magical, from horse racing and ice-skating to ice cricket and polo.  

Snow Polo2 


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