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Lessons to learn from the powerful women of Star Wars

From a galaxy far, far away…

By Salva Mubarak  May 4th, 2017

Star Wars is not just a film, it’s a phenomenon. The space adventure has resonated with fans across the world ever since its release 40 years ago, with the new instalments attracting a new generation of fans. Though the paltry number of female characters has been a sore point among fans — one Leia to hundred Storm Troopers — these key characters have made a lasting impact. They might belong to a galaxy far, far away, but these women have important advice that can be applied right here in the Milky Way.

Don’t be afraid to be bossy

Leia quote

From the moment Luke freed Princess Leia from her cell on the Death Star, she took control of the situation and didn’t hesitate to put the wisecracking Han Solo in his place. Channel your inner Leia when faced with situations like these and shut patriarchy down like the boss you are.

Work with what you have

Rey star wars

Rey started off as an abandoned orphan on a hostile planet. She taught herself to survive by scavenging old technology and exchanging it for food. Later, when she teams up with Finn and BB8, her survival skills come in handy during their escape from the Imperial forces. Learn how to turn the most garbage of situations in your favour and keep your chin up while you’re at it.

Know when to rid yourself of toxic relationships


Queen Padme’s ill-fated relationship with Jedi knight-turned-Sith lord Anakin Skywalker serves as an example of how toxic relationships can ruin you. The smart Padme could see Anakin’s slow descent into the dark side but lived in denial until it literally broke her heart. While it’s tough to recognize and distance yourself from a relationship that’s doing you more harm than good, learn to trust your instincts and heed the warnings of people who love you.

Wisdom can be gleaned from unexpected places

Maz kanata

You don’t have to be an ancient Jedi knight who talks in jumbled sentences to be wise. Smuggler and pirate Maz Kanata proves just that and more. The thousand year old humanoid female is Han Solo’s go-to when it comes to finding a way out of any sticky situation he’s found himself in. Try to get above prejudices and open yourself up to learning new and unexpected things when the opportunity presents itself.

Rebel with a cause


Jyn knew that her father had been telling the truth about the flaw in the Death Star, one that could result in a major victory for the Rebel forces. But she was ordered to abandon her mission as the authorities felt that the information couldn’t be trusted. Jyn decided to go rogue and steal the plans herself to deal a blow to the Empire while clearing her father’s name. There will be times in your life when you’ll have to stand up for what you truly believe in and go against the rules, whether it’s fighting for equal rights or wearing white during monsoon.