Statement jewellery to nail that bridesmaid look Advertisement

Statement jewellery to nail that bridesmaid look

…without breaking the bank!

By ELLE team  July 20th, 2016

Picking out wedding jewellery that perfectly matches your outfit is hard. To top it all, if you’re a bridesmaid there’s that extra pressure to look good (here are 5 quick ways to nail that beauty look). Swarovski’s ‘India Collection’ is just right. Pick from a variety of pieces inspired by the rich cultural heritage of India – tons of statement earrings, some delicate ones too and the prettiest necklaces – it’s just the right amount of bling! It’s a line of beautifully crafted crystal and gold jewellery designed using traditional motifs like the lotus but with a contemporary twist. Plus it’s super affordable. Trust us when we say these should make it straight to your jewellery box—don’t even think twice!
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Prices start at Rs 4,000

Flip through the gallery to check out the collection

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