When the streets meet the runway, you get an iconic collab

When it comes to a go to sneaker, you can never go wrong with a  classic like the CALI. But Puma’s latest collaboration with leading Indian designer Masaba Gupta gives this iconic sneaker an artistic twist. Here, we tell you why you should look forward to the brand’s latest creative alliance. 

The first sneaker collab from PUMA India, and Masaba brilliantly infuses her signature bold prints with Puma’s existing and extremely versatile Cali sneakers. They serve as a blank canvas for artists like Masaba to express themselves. 

The Puma X Masaba CALI collection, features 50 limited edition pairs. These statement worthy shoes have been designed with extremely thoughtful concepts. For instance, with themes like anti-anxiety, Masaba has ensured that each detail is created to embody the plethora of everyday thoughts that keep sneaking up. The caricature personifies the many thoughts in an anxious mind, while the colorful laces reflect chaos.

Identify is the other design concept, that reflects upon barriers that people set for themselves. The patchwork on the shoe represents various labels put on people, either self-inflicted or society created. The lock design on the shoes signify life’s obstacles, while the key represents breaking free. Masaba’s iconic chevron print completes the design beautifully. These 50 exquisite pairs will be available on their website and their Linking Road store in Mumbai, and they come with mini anecdotes, hint of neon hues and tonnes of oomph.

The Puma X Masaba sneakers are not just a passing shoe trend you want to get your hands on but a style statement in itself (which is begging to enhance your outfit). We certify that these beauties will work in tandem to ensure that your outfits always look perfectly put together.

P.S. In case you miss out on these funky sneaks, you can always go for Puma’s original CALI sneaker and express some cool graphics of your own


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