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4 tips to tone your thighs

Diet tricks + workout tips for a double whammy

By Amrita Parekh  June 17th, 2015

Pressed for time? Download Shaun Thompson’s Focus T25 videos or app — each of the base kit’s 10 circuit-training workouts gives the effects of an intensive hour-long aerobic workout within 25 minutes. And while you’re at it, take clinical nutritionist Dr Ishi Khosla’s suggestions of some healthy tweaks to your diet. 

Work it out: Expect everything from burpees to cardio in one session, as each day is dedicated to a specific body zone. Don’t miss a single session of Thompson’s Focus T25 Lower Focus regime, which concentrates on your legs, thighs and glutes.
Eat right: Make natural fibre your best friend and eat lots of nuts and wholegrains. Skip processed foods like bread, biscuits and wheat pasta.

Work it out: Thompson has a solution for slow starters as well — he insists that you must keep moving for those 25 minutes, even if it’s just spot jogging.
Eat Right: As a rule, try and avoid caffeine. Yes, green tea has caffeine.

Work it out: Feeling stiff? Make sure you’re paying extra attention to the last five minutes of every session; it is dedicated to stretching your muscles.
Eat right: Steer away from snack binges and opt for steamed corn kernels with a squeeze of lime and sea salt.

Work it out: If for any reason you do miss a day, don’t start over. Simply, pick up where you left off in the program.
Eat right: Satisfy your sweet tooth with a few pieces of seasonal fruits like mangoes, chikoos and lychees. They have the right kind of sugar. 

Photograph: Tarun Vishwa

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