Style Inspiration: Rishi Kapoor

 Has Bollywood ever had a male star with such a distinctive personal style as Rishi Kapoor? The actor’s loud, busy pullovers stand out even among the bright, midriff-baring outfits of co-stars such as Madhuri Dixit, Dimple Kapadia, and Sridevi: no matter what dance they’re doing, your eye always comes back to the jumper that looks like it was knit by Kandinsky. Here, we present fashion inspiration from Kapoor’s greatest hits:

Want to be entrancing? Wear an optical illusion. (Chandni, 1989)

Chandni Rishi Kapoor Sridevi asridevi

Wear something tactile and multicoloured. Attractive people will want to touch it. (Chandni, 1989)

chandni asridevi 1

As we know from his Twitter feed, sweaters are important to him.

Abstract florals and unrelated text make for an intriguing and bold street style statement. (Chandni, 1989)

chandni2 bittenbybollywood


Kapoor isn’t only good for sweaters. Here, he models a pastel striped polyester button-up with violet trousers and a pair of spectacles that would make Iris Apfel lavender with envy. (Bobby, 1973)

bobby rediff

 He’s not into contemporary eyewear trends

A monochrome beehive print will make every auntie bow her head to you in reverence. (Bobby, 1973)

bobby youtube


Step back, Elvis. This red velvet, bell-bottomed leisure suit is so stunning that Dimple Kapadia had to shield her eyes to keep from being overwhelmed. (Bobby, 1973)

bobby stills rishi kapoor dimple kapadia in pink dress songsuno


Deep reds and pinks are the perfect shades to colourblock with. Throw on a beige corduroy jacket for an unexpected twist on the trend. (Oh, and feel free to clash horrifically with your partner.) (Bobby, 1973)

bobby songsuno


Baby, he’s a firework. (Sahibaan, 1993)



Sometimes he tweets his own favourite looks from the past. 

Please have at least two, for variety. 

tumblr llu32psuU91qgk0dqo1 500 

We’re not sure what’s going on here, but we covet that utilitarian blue shirt. (Bobby, again!)

tumblr n8gdclfyS71sebvlvo3 250

A glittering corset and feathered tiara are perfect to wear while engaging in cultural coversation. (Rafoo Chakkar, 1975)


Kapoor goes for a bold cat-eye while wearing a monochrome blouse with lace detailing. (Rafoo Chakkar, 1975)

RafooChakkar2 00043 bethlovesbolly

#Throwback to medieval style with a low-cut, puffy-sleeved blouse and layered necklaces. Jeweled dagger optional. (Laila Majnu, 1976)

lailamajnu octoberzine

Contemporary Rishi has swag too. Gold-on-gold brocade embroidery for wedding season? Yes please. (Agneepath, 2012)


Don’t like it? Don’t care. (Deewana, 1992) 

tumblr lltxkjaJM91qgk0dqo1 500 


Oh, and here’s some advice Rishi gave us on keeping those wooly wonders in tip-top shape. 


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