5 simple ways to pull off a sexy bralette

Beloved by street style stars and red carpet regulars alike, a bralette adds oodles of sex appeal to your ensemble. Whether you’re picking one for your destination bachelorette or a sundowner party, you can be sure all eyes will be on you, provided you get the styling right. “Styling a bralette all depends on how confident you are with your body,” says designer Nikhil Thampi. “Today, girls have so many options to choose from — tiny strap versions, cage bralettes, cut-outs and bustiers,” says designer Gabriella Demetriades of fashion label Deme by Gabriella.

If you are a novice in this department, Gabriella suggests you start with the most basic style — a black bralette. And if you’re shy about wearing one because of a heavy bust, she advises you to make sure your bralette is well-fitted. “A bralette is sexy on its own. Don’t try too hard and don’t wear anything ill-fitted. Make sure the cut and fit are right and you are good to go,” says Gabriella. Here, Nikhil and Gabriella on how to style the look for different body types and moods:

1. When you want to be casually sexy

“When worn with a pair of baggy pants or shorts, sneakers, a cap and huge sunglasses, a bralette gives off an easy, relaxed vibe for a day occasion. A duffle bag completes your athleisure look ,” says Nikhil.

Denim bralet
Denim bralette by Deme

2. Ace the androgynous look

“A bralette worn with a pair of super high-waisted boyfriend jeans styled with a men’s belt gives a structured, menswear-inspired look. If yours has a deep neckline, you can add necklaces to make it a little feminine,” says Nikhil. “A pair of hoops is a versatile piece to wear with this look,” he adds. You can also layer the look with an oversized crisp white shirt that’s dropped off one shoulder. “Yet another way to nail the look is to wear the bralette with a masculine blazer set with baggy pants and a men’s belt,” he says.

the cage bralet
The cage bralette by Deme

3. When you don’t want to show too much skin

“Pairing a bralette with shorts or a mini skirt is a little risky,” says Gabriella. “Personally, I love styling it with high-waisted pants — it’s sexy, but still not too much of a skin show. You can also add a cape jacket as a layer — so you’re barely showing any skin, but it’s still sensual.”

deme neoprene bikini bralet3
Neoprene bikini bralette by Deme

4. For a stylish evening do

“Style a bralette with a blazer or see-through jacket and a voluminous skirt for an occasion. Polish it off with jewellery,” recommends Nikhil. Alternatively, you can switch the skirt with a pair of embellished pants and go sans jewellery for a semi-formal look.

Nikhil Thampi2
Courtesy: Nikhil Thampi

5. The ideal vacay look

“Wearing a bralette on your vacation? Style it with nothing but a sheer wrap gown or a sheer maxi gown,” says Nikhil. “A bikini bralette is a must-have style to own, and you should carry it especially when you’re travelling — it’s a versatile piece that can effortlessly be turned into a sporty look.”

Nikhil Thampi
Courtesy: Nikhil Thampi

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