7 styling tricks that fashion insiders use — and you should too Advertisement

7 styling tricks that fashion insiders use — and you should too

An amateur's guide to getting Best Dressed-approved

By ELLE team  April 26th, 2017

Given the air of exclusivity that fashion insiders usually emit, you’d be forgiven for thinking that they all belong to a secret little club that meets every Friday over martinis to discuss what trend to drop next. A little club that’s especially hard to get into, because you see, being stylish is a lot more nuanced than just knowing all the right fashion labels. You could be dripping head-to-toe in couture, and still not make any heads turn.

And therein lies the secret to making it into the coveted ranks of the Best Dressed crew: True style is about taking a trend and making it your own. Picking that metallic jacket you saw on the runway and mixing it with neutrals for instant street cred. Those in search of pointers can take notes from Sonam Kapoor, who regularly bends fashion rules, mixing corsets with midi dresses.

Confused where to begin? ‘Tis your lucky day, because we’re giving away our trade secrets. 

6 styling secrets that all fashion insiders follow


If you haven’t climbed onboard with the print explosion, you’d better because this one’s here to stay. The key to avoid looking like a tiny zoo exploded on you? Pair similar prints or ensure that your clashing patterns belong to the same colour family. 

Build a signature look

Find something that works for you, and keep it doing it with enough conviction until it becomes you. It could be a rainbow colour job that matches your personality or maybe an interesting silhouette: Anyone who knows ex-ELLE Fashion Editor Nidhi Jacob will have you know that she’s all oversized silhouettes and that patented bob. 

Leave things undone

The secret weapon in the OG French girl’s arsenal: A certain je ne sais quoi. Ditch the 'Miss Perfection' look in favour of a certain undone element; supermodel Ujjwala Raut works a loose collar over a corset beautifully.

Play with proportions

Drop that bodycon dress and come join us on the other side of the fence, where the sun always shines and the silhouettes are always fun. Start from the ‘big on the top, skinny on the bottom’ rule (or vice versa) and see where things take you. If in doubt, just throw on a wide belt to cinch the whole outfit together. 

Mixing high-low

So you’ve got a wardrobe full of Hermès? Good, now give the runway favourite your own unique spin by mixing it up with high-street labels. Kanishtha Dhankar, frequent ELLE covergirl, does it best: her Hermés leather blouse is brilliantly offset by a trusty pair of Levi’s. In a pinch, something as simple as throwing on a pair of white sneakers with your fancy metallic midi works too.