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Meet Bollywood’s most stylish sisters

Incredibly good taste does run in the family, after all

By Hasina Khatib  June 7th, 2017

During simpler times, you and your sister could divide a bottle of Nutella without getting violent and label yourself ‘Sibling goals.’ Now, you’d damn well be lowkey twinning with your matching Hermès bags sitting innocuously in the background of that Instagram post.

Wondering who to blame for the ever-rising bar of picture perfect sibling-hood? A little bit of investigation gave us the answers, and a legit reason to slack off work for some advanced Instagram stalking: From style veterans Kareena and Karisma Kapoor to new recruits Jhanvi and Khushi Kapoor, these best-dressed sister duos are your culprits.

Jhanvi and Khushi Kapoor

The late superstar Sridevi's daughters, Janhvi and Khushi, are bona fide Instagram celebrities already, thanks to their insane style cred. We dare you to tell us that this little black-and-white snap isn't giving you lowkey Kardashian vibes already.

Like any good sister duo, they don their designer threads together and then share the limelight together. Note the safe arm's length distance; no jostling for space in the front camera for a cramped selfie. These are two individuals who have enough faith in themselves, and in their father's taste in real estate, to fan out over the room and still command equal attention. 

While Janhvi's idea of sheer is a graphic number by Temperley London...

Together they stand, in sickness and in health. And in the faux fur checkout queue.

To conclude, all that glitters may not be gold. But it is definitely the photogenic Kapoor clan.

Being the close-knit pair that they are, they test-drive the same trend together. High-waisted pants for deux, please.

We swear, they couldn't be more co-ordinated if they lugged around a colour-coded binder with an hour-by-hour inventory of the perfect twinning outfits.

Needless to say, that good taste in clothes runs to their choice in friends as well: Manish Malhotra has taken both the Kapoor daughters under his wing. That's the cast of the next two Student of the Year instalments right there, Karan Johar. Might as well relieve your casting director of his duties.

Khushi is glad to give feminine florals a whirl.

Sonam and Rhea Kapoor

Day after day, event after event, wedding after wedding, they show up in the biggest designer names as well as their special little finds that you absolutely know you're going to love. Pictured here: Sonam Kapoor in a floral Sabyasachi lehenga while Rhea demonstrates the non-boring way to wear white at a wedding in Anamika Khanna.

The first sisters of fashion, Sonam and Rhea Kapoor are no strangers to best-dressed lists. But make no mistake, they've earned their keep.

Sure they are off-duty, but a little humble-bragging about your new Lady Dior acquisition never hurt anybody now, did it?

There they go, lighting up weddings with their envy-inducing Anamika Khanna wardrobe.

The launch of their high street line, Rheson, was just a huge conspiracy to give them more opportunities to play dress up together.

Here they are, having just stepped out of the pages of a fashion glossy. Or just their bedrooms. We aren't sure which.

Holidays don't call for a timeout from their responsibilities as the one of the best dressed sister duos on the fashion map. It's a huge title, but one that they wear well.

 Kareena and Karisma Kapoor

Twinning beautifully in Manish Malhotra at casual soirées? Been there, done that already.

Sure, they've taken up precious real estate on the best-dressed lists, but they even have fun dressing down together.

Maintaining their style cred for their (many) brunch dates? Easy-peasy.

Kareena and Karisma may have both followed different career trajectories, but when it comes to high fashion, they stand united in their finest couture. 

Basically, when Kareena and Karisma get together, it's all hearts and roses and Sabyasachi.

 Karisma Kapoor’s enviable bag collection

You may not be able to steal Karisma’s sister, but you can definitely have her statement bags. Here’s a headstart.

And for those days when she’s feeling feisty, Karisma rings up her fellow A-list sister Kareena and they pull off some low-key Hermès twinning. After all, the family that flexes their credit cards at Hermès together, stays together.

We’re not saying that Karisma Kapoor is surgically attached to her Hermès Birkin, but well, we haven’t seen her step out without one either. The statement bag, that has enchanted fashion’s biggest names for decades now, puts in regular cameos on her Instagram feed as the prop du jour. Got it, flaunt it, right?

Who needs a man on your arm when the Milly Riley clutch looks (and makes you feel) twice as good? This hologram strap number routinely appears as Karisma’s date for her blingier outfits. 

What’s a bag fetish without a few (dozen) Chanel slings to keep it fed and healthy? Between the charcoal grey and the burgundy boy bags, we can only imagine that the Chanel section of Karisma’s bag closet comes with a zipcode directory of its own. 

Fitting in with London's uber chic crew can seem daunting, but Karisma blends right in with her Gucci Marmont Matelassé Mini Bag for company.

Not sure how to get away with basic black for a night on the town without showing up on the fashion police’s radar? Make like Karisma Kapoor and tuck a studded Fendi envelope clutch under your arm.

We'd have talked about how adorably the sisters are twinning their white sneakers, but we've only got eyes for Karisma's Hermès Togo Birkin Malachite. The electric green colour will save your brunch outfits from monochrome hell, so make sure to send your divine gratitude to Mr. Thierry Hermès on your way out.