Stylish sportswear for women who like to look good while they work out Advertisement

Stylish sportswear for women who like to look good while they work out

Dress for the body you want

By ELLE team  January 4th, 2018

Nothing provides more motivation to get out the house than having something cute to wear. There’s no fun in putting on a pair of new leggings and walking around your living room. No, they need to be admired. And thanks to the myriad options of stylish sportswear for women, fitness isn’t just a state of mind — it’s a state of fashion.

Curating the right workout lewk is the motivation you need to sweat it out because workout shoes just look plain weird without the tights and sports bra. From Adidas tights to Nike mesh running tanks and Reebok sports bras, we’ve put together a list of stylish sportswear for women that will be your fitness coach for those bad butt days.

Go ahead pop a squat.

Stylish sportswear for women to help you get fit:

H&M bodysuit

Nothing says commitment to a one-hour calorie burn like a bodysuit. You best believe that if you put this baby on, it's not coming off till you get a solid workout in. Not to mention bodysuits don't hide any of your sins (like that packet of chips you had with lunch) so it's going to push you extra hard to get into shape. 

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Forever 21 gym bag

A new bag is always a reason to leave the house, a new gym bag is the reason you need to hit the gym. The "sweat baby sweat" graphics are motivating you to hit those weights.

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Lululemons high rise tights

To the un-athletic eye (your eyes post the holiday binge), this may look like a pair of standard black tights. Which they are, except they also have been blessed with the Lululemon fit. This makes them thick enough to also wear in public in a non-fitness situation. While we would never endorse tights-as-pants, we do make an exception for these. These pants will actually make you want to work out harder so your butt can look the same way with or without them. Added bonus -- a foldover waist to hide your phone.

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Addidas track pant culottes

While these may not be the best for getting in an actual workout, they are perfect for wearing over your compression gear and stepping out of the house. We're talking about those fitted gym shorts and sports bras you love so much. Throw these on before and after a workout, think of it as a fashion warm-up and cool-down. These are also great if your workout happens to be a dance class.

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Forever 21 sports bra

This sports bra is cute enough to wear as a bralette but also functional enough to serve you during yoga class. While it isn't high impact, it is perfect to ease you into the flow of things.

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Sporty mist water bottle

Sure, a water bottle may not be motivation enough to hit the gym, but this added mist spray will require you to break a sweat to put it to good use. 

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Reebok neon vest

Neon is currently having a moment in athleisure. A tank is perfect for any form of exercise you have in mind, whether it's cardio, weights or just some yoga. 

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Nike customised flyknit

Edit your workout shoe to your taste, thanks to Nike's customisable feature. You can't show off running shoes if you don't run.

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Adidas climachill tights

These don't just look great, they're smart. The fabric on these training tights ensure you stay cool even when temperatures hit the roof. As far as we're concerned, they're the whole package. 

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Nike running tank

In case you were worried the detail on your sports bra is going to get hidden under a boring t-shirt, Nike's got your solution. Mesh, semi-sheer with an exposed back, this tank will make you want to hit the track.

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Nike floral and mesh tights

Show off those ripped calves in these sheer tights with sheer panels. 

Fenty Puma tights

Rihanna doesn't just know her style, she's here to influence yours. These tights feature a lace-up side for when you're not feeling leg day but are feeling your legs. 

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Kica strappy sports bra

From the track to the pool, this strappy sports bra is cute enough to double as a bikini top. But no lounging, you may want to get those pool laps in on cardio day instead. 

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Alo yoga pants

Your legs don't suffer from the drinking binge post-party season so you may want to show them off while you get the rest of you in shape with these mesh leggings. 

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