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5 cool wearable tech you need in your life right now

Fitbit that looks like a delicate bracelet? Yes, please.

By Ashwin Rajagopalan  March 6th, 2017

Style statement? Serious fitness accessory? Our motivations for investing in wearable tech may be different. These 5 wearables that don’t just simplify your life, but do it in style.

Apple’s Air Pods have gone from being one of the most trolled gadgets they ever launched to becoming objects of desire. The Siri-enabled Bluetooth headphones are so cleverly designed, they won’t fall off even in the middle of your everyday run. Fitbit Flex 2 has roped in designer Tory Burch to craft a line of accessory options to keep up with your changing mood, while Sennheirser’s new headphones are washable, sweat-proof and feature reflector details on the neckband style design.

5 stylish wearable tech to invest in right now

Apple AirPods, Rs 22,600

Apple’s decision to leave out a conventional 3.5mm headphone jack in the iPhone 7 sparked a deluge of memes. But the Air Pods have gone from one of the most trolled gadgets to becoming an object of desire. If you already own an iPhone, the Air Pods are a no-brainer. They sync effortlessly, deliver high definition sound with a battery life better than your iPhone. These Siri-enabled Bluetooth headphones are cleverly designed and won’t fall off even in the middle of your everyday run. 

Garmin Forerunner 35, Rs 15,990

The ‘blocky’ design might scream retro but if you usually choose function over form, the Forerunner 35 makes the perfect entry-level GPS enabled watch. It’s water-proof, comes with a robust app with drill down data – perfect if you’re a calorie counter. The device’s heart rate sensor is fairly accurate while the battery life builds a compelling case over smartwatches. The Forerunner 35 can do some of the things a Smartwatch does – like call alerts and text alerts.

Apple Watch 2, Rs 32,900 onwards

The smartwatch might still be ‘work in progress’ but the Apple watch is the closest to the real thing. The second generation Apple Watch offers some big improvements over its older sibling. It’s water proof; you can plunge into the pool with it. It features a brighter screen – terrific visibility even under the blazing sun. We dig the Nike + edition, which features a built-in GPS to track your pace, distance and route even if you leave your iPhone behind at home. The 38mm option works for smaller wrists unlike clunkier Android alternatives. 

Fitbit Flex 2, Rs 9,499 onwards

Fitbit’s ever-expanding range is evidence that fitness trackers might be winning the wearable race against the smartwatch. The brand takes customisations and style to the next level with the Flex 2, where the removable tracker is 30% smaller than its predecessor. The tracker resides in a fitness band as you work out or swim and allows you to monitor progress via a simple LED display with colour-coded lights. You can flit from the sturdy band to one of the many premium accessory options (pendants and bracelets) including an exclusive Tory Burch line crafted specially for the Flex 2. 

Sennheiser PMX 686G, Rs 6,499

So you own an Android device and you push yourself during your workouts. You need a rugged headphone that can keep up without the hassle of the daily charging cycle of a Bluetooth headphone. Sennheiser’s PMX 686G might just be what you need. The neckband style design ensures the headphone stays rooted to your ears while the gadget has some pretty cool touches like reflectors (on the back) to ward off motorists in the night. They’re wonderfully low maintenance — washable and sweat-proof.