Stylist Shaleena Nathani is crushing all fitness goals Advertisement

Stylist Shaleena Nathani is crushing all fitness goals

Nothing is impossible for this girl

By Mamta Mody  August 2nd, 2017

Shaleena Nathani’s excellent and effortless running form is just one clue to how she approaches everything in her life—with precision. “I used to run up a steep slope in my neighbourhood, and if I didn’t run fast enough I would walk back down and run again. People probably thought I was nuts,” says the stylist whose famous clients include Deepika Padukone and Shah Rukh Khan. Nathani started running on a whim with friends a few years ago and when she saw how much she enjoyed it, she put all her energy into getting it right. She now mixes up her schedule with strength training to build better running muscles. Here’s how she does it:

Don’t let running intimidate you

“When I was in school I used to play a lot of sports and sprint, but I never thought I could run long distances. I actually started running with friends and that kind of helped me. We decided to run on our way to get breakfast so it didn’t really seem like a chore. I felt so great after my first run that I just kept going back to it. It’s also a lot of fun to run outdoors. The streets are so busy, when you’re running you make your own space and I enjoy that sense of freedom.”

Self-improvement is key

“I usually run 7 to 8 kms on average, but over time I want to improve my time and distance. It’s actually tough because I’m super competitive with myself. I need to outdo myself and do better with each – that’s how I am in my professional life as well. I can’t do things in moderation so when I started running I put all my energy into getting it right.”

No excuse is good enough

“I work for 16 hours a day yet I can wake up at any hour in the morning for a run. People are surprised and ask me how I do this, but for me it’s not a compromise on sleep. On the days I run I’m calmer, I feel energised and exhilarated. If I get a run in before a shoot, I have an open mind and a fresher approach to things. For me, running is not about getting fit for a certain event or being thin. It’s about having a healthy body that can support my demanding schedule.”

Classic Swoosh Cooling sports bra, Flex Rival running shorts, VaporMax shoes; all Nike. Metal bangles, metal-strap watch; all model’s own.

Photographs: Manasi Sawant , Styling: Karuna Laungani, Hair and make-up: Kritika Gill, Art direction: Reshma Rajiwdekar