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Stylist Tania Fadte launches a new label, Mogachea

It's full of relaxed silhouettes and summer layers

By ELLE team  April 27th, 2016

Stylist Tania Fadte’s new clothing line, Mogachea, is full of relaxed silhouettes and summer layers that will transport you to Goa (mentally, anyway). Think angarakha-style dresses, and handloom-woven cotton kimonos that can be worn as dresses or layered as jackets. We caught up with her to find out more:   

ELLE: What’s the story behind the name?
Tania Fadte: Mogachea means beloved in Konkani, it’s the local language of Goa where I grew up. It’s a sweet word but I’ve rarely heard people use it. Everyone in my family uses it though – more so, after I had my baby, Açai, So it just seemed apt. 

While getting my labels screen-printed and typewritten, the artisans I worked with in Goa (who knew what it meant) giggled every time they saw me, and called each other Mogachea. I love that the word made everyone smile. 

ELLE: What was the idea behind the label?
TF: The label, true to its meaning, is made with love and care. Everything is handmade: the water colour prints (my own), crochet flowers, hand-dyed fabrics, hand-woven fabric, and printing labels even.

ELLE: How did this idea translate into the lookbook?
TF: We shot the lookbook in the village I live in, in Moira (North Goa); in the fields I visit to watch the sun set every evening. Some of it was shot at the homes of friends. We wanted it to be very mood-based and more a story about two girls, rather than a straight up lookbook.

ELLE: What kind of fabrics are you using?
All the fabrics are natural – a mix of khadi, malkha and handwoven organic cotton. These fabrics have all been dyed in natural dye baths. I travelled to Ahmedabad to learn more about the process of natural dyeing and to Secunderabad to find weavers who make soft malkha fabric. A few fabrics are screen printed and some are block-printed.

Prices are all under Rs 10,000. Find Mogachea at Sacha’s Shop, Swami Vivekananda Rd, Panjim, Goa. Tel: 0832 222 2035. Or at The Verandah, No 9, Haudin Road, Near-Jasmine’s Beauty Salon, Ulsoor Road, Bangalore. Tel: 098452 71006

Photographs: Sheetal Mallar