Sudan crisis: What’s happening, and how you can help

Sudan is in the midst of a grave humanitarian crisis. The nation needs urgent aid and attention from the world as peaceful protesters are being brutally violated and murdered by military forces.

In early April, protests and a military coup ousted Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir, who had been in power since 1989. Now, unarmed pro-democracy protesters are calling for civilian rule—and the military is responding with violence. Over a hundred people have been killed, with bodies being dumped in the Nile river, and over 70 people, women as well as men, have been raped, according to reports. Sudanese authorities have also shut down the Internet.

Here’s how you can help Sudan:


1) Save the Children

Since 1984, Save the Children has been working towards assisting vulnerable children and families, improving their health and quality of life. You can donate to the organisation by clicking here.

2) Food & Medicine for Sudan

A Facebook campaign, Food & Medicine for Sudan, is raising funds to provide essentials like food, water and medical care for the country’s citizens. According to the campaign, The University of Khartoum Alumni Association in North America is working with community organisations and volunteers in Sudan to reach families and individuals in need. In 47 days, 8,500 contributors have raised INR 27,683,716. Click here to do your bit.

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3) Emergency Medical Aid for Sudan

Sudanese diaspora in Manchester, UK, have set up a GoFundMe campaign to support victims of violence. The funds will be used to purchase emergency medical supplies and support hospitals treating the injured. You can contribute by clicking here.

4) Help Save Children’s Lives

UNICEF Sudan is currently providing vaccines, life-saving medication, Ready to Eat Therapeutic Food (RUTF) to children. The organisation says it is committed to #stayanddeliver. You can help by donating here.

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5) Spread the word

Despite horrifying violence, the Sudan crisis hasn’t quite received the global attention and outrage it deserves. Join outspoken celebrities such as George Clooney and Rihanna in drawing attention to the atrocities by leveraging the power of social media. Many internet users are also changing their display picture across social media platforms to the colour navy blue, in honour of a Sudanese engineer who was killed by military forces, and to show solidarity.

6) Sign a petition

A petition calls on the UN to establish an International Commission of Inquiry, and investigate the possible human right violations by the military in Sudan. Sign the petition here.

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