Five gorgeous slides to carry you through summer Advertisement

Five gorgeous slides to carry you through summer

Inspired by Ananya Panday's embellished ones

By Shree Vrinda  April 22nd, 2019

Slides have not always been the height of fashion; the slide-in sandals were once the reserve only of college dorms and locker rooms. These days, however, they’re considered a fashion staple. The best and most glam of the lot come embellished with crystals and punctuated with logos; some are metallic, others woven. However, the slides’ incredible versatility gives it a distinct edge; these can be worn almost anywhere and everywhere. Dress them up for a night out so you can dance comfortably or with a pair of shorts and a swimsuit for a day at the beach. 

Ananya Pandey in Fizzy Goblet

The newest Dharma student and our April cover star, wore her blue embellished Fizzy Goblet slides with boyfriend jeans and a cool tucked in T-shirt (which is now our new go-to summer uniform)!

Here are our top picks of summer slides (with an ethnic touch) to recreate Ananya’s outfit:

These gorgeous onion pink embellished slides from The Cai Store are priced at INR 1,599.

The Secret Garden sliders Ananya is wearing are by Fizzy Goblet, and will set you back by INR 2,690

The Sole House's Cream-White Handcrafted Embroidered Flats with Pearl Beads are the perfect complement to your summer outfits (Indian and western). These are priced at INR 2,250. 

These wine colored slip-on flats with pom-pom, priced at INR 1,139.

Nude-pink sequin-embroidered flats with embellishments, priced at INR 2,250.