Which summer trend should you try this year? Advertisement

Which summer trend should you try this year?

No more "I have nothing to wear"

By Hasina Khatib  March 10th, 2017

The announcement of the Game of Thrones season seven release date has got us all in the mood for some fire and ice, and we’ll be getting a lot of the former real soon. Summer is round the corner, and all the fun wardrobe options that you’ve been burying under stuffy jackets can come out and play. So should you get romantic with fashion this season? (Lace, tulle and a hint of pink — Kangana Ranaut does it best.) Or would you rather casually borrow from your boyfriend’s closet  Radhika Nair, model of the moment, is making a strong case for gender fluidity with menswear-inspired silhouettes and no-frills clothing.

Before you trot out the ‘I have absolutely nothing to wear’ excuse, we’ve got a quiz that’ll help you find the one major summer trend that you need to make your own. There’s a world out there to explore, and absolutely no way to get it wrong so buckle in.

Which summer 2017 trend is for you?