Sushmita Sen’s beauty trick will make your skin glow

If there is an actor who seems to have unlimited access to the fountain of youth and glowing skin, it’s Sushmita Sen. While the former Miss Universe credits a low-key beauty routine and a consistent workout regimen for her flawless skin, we hang on to every skincare tip she shares. Recently on her Instagram, Sushmita Sen shared a beauty secret: skin buffing for a natural glow. We’re down to trying any new skincare advice, so we deep-dived into this technique. Here’s what we’ve learnt… 

What is skin buffing? 

Put aside your oils and creams, this low-fi technique requires just one tool–a soft-bristled facial brush. Like the ancient ayurvedic ritual of dry brushing (which resurfaced last year after actor Gwyneth Paltrow advocated it), this method gently exfoliates skin, boosts circulation and stimulates lymphatic drainage. Plus, once the dead skin cells have been sloughed off, your skincare products will sink in and work better.

How do I practice it?

Start by washing your face. If you’re wearing make-up or high SPF sunscreen, double cleanse to get rid of all the product and excess. Pat your skin dry and then begin brushing. Start from your décolletage and then move on to your collar bones and neck using gentle strokes. Remember to use just five to six motions in each area to avoid irritating your skin and causing micro-cuts. While brushing your face, use very little pressure and move outwards from the centre for lymphatic drainage. Some people prefer buffing their face twice a day, but if you’re a novice or have sensitive skin, stick to once or twice a week. 

A few things to keep in mind…

Skincare tools require thorough cleaning so wash your brush often and stow it away in a dry place.  

Like exfoliation, always follow up your brushing session with the rest of your skincare routine. 

If you have very dry skin or acne, avoid over-exfoliating as you could throw your skin’s pH level off-balance, ultimately leading to more breakouts and redness.

If you’re all set to get brushing (we know we are), take a look at our edit of facial brushes…

Sushmita Sen

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Sushmita Sen

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Photograph: Instagram (Sushmita Sen)

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