Swapan Seth on why he founded the newly-launched luxury platform Luxortium

The times clearly tells us that this is increasingly going to become a world where aggregation and access will be the twin peaks that businesses must scale. Facebook tells us that. As does Uber.

Since it is impossible to aggregate and access anything in advertising, I decided to look at my other area of interest: luxury. At this point, a caveat is compulsory. I do not see luxury as being expensive. That is such a Jurassic take on luxury. Luxury to me is meaning. Luxury must pole dance around purpose. Luxury is expansive, not expensive. And Luxortium resonates that exact philosophy. It’s where a bunch of top-end brands pivot around a common purpose. What’s more, I am a failed music conductor. And Luxortium is where a collection of fine musicians come to perform together.

“India symbolises a huge opportunity for luxury providers and merchants alike. Affluent Indians celebrate the duality – and fusion – of global luxuries and indigenous Indian brands in their lifestyles. But growing in the hearts, minds and share of wallet of affluent consumers will require more than just showing up. Real leadership and sustainable growth will require perspective and intuition to know what’s next,” says Manoj Adlakha, CEO – American Express Banking Corporation, India.

He adds, “Managing this dynamic marketplace and driving innovation requires not only insight but also partnership. Maximising the opportunities that are expanding affluence means unique and strategic integration of brands, products and services. This is where Luxortium can play a unique role as a facilitator and a platform for brands and merchants to engage and innovate together.” 

The brands that constitute Luxortium also have one common constituent: the consumer. Since consumers of American Express also shopped at DLF Chanakya and drank some pedigreed liquid from Diageo while admiring the art they purchased from Nature Morte, why not bring all these brands together and make them, like Martin Luther King once said “sit together on the table of brotherhood.”

The cornerstone of luxury is collaboration. It is visible in the marriages between Rimowa and Off-White. Gosha Rubchinskiy and Burberry. Louis Vuitton and Supreme. Luxortium will be that cathedral of collaboration.

What will it aspire to do? Be the voice of luxury. Give luxury its rightful space within the society at large. At the same time, it will help fledgling brands to find their feet. Within the country and outside of it.

Luxortium will then cross borders and seek collaborations with brands in Singapore, Dubai and London. In a borderless world, Luxortium will be its citizen. It has the very finest in Indian luxury and stature in its founder members: American Express, Diageo, Reliance Brands, DLF Luxury, Nature Morte and BrandsWeLove.

As Helen Keller once said, “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” Precisely the vision of Luxortium.

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