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Proof that Taimur Ali Khan is already Bollywood’s biggest star

He's not even in his terrible twos and his career has already taken off

By ELLE team  February 7th, 2018

Taimur Ali Khan has really come into his own as a full-fledged celebrity. At first we we’re like, “Oh, another adorable star kid. Great. We can’t wait for Karan Johar to launch him.” But the infant is all but a year old and he’s evidently already preparing for his first role.

Screen Shot 2018 02 07 at 6.56.17 pm 

He hasn’t actually sat down with us (or any other publication) and said that his debut is near, but we assume that’s only because he can’t actually speak, yet. Overlooking this minor technicality, all the signs imply his fast-approaching induction into Bollywood. Now, we don’t want to start any rumours, but we approached his people for a statement and… sadly, the risings star’s schedule is packed with naptime and snack time.

Here he is at one of Bollywood’s hottest parties with Karan Johar’s daughter, Roohi. We hear Rekha, Shilpa Shetty and Barney the Dinosaur were all in attendance. 

Screen Shot 2018 02 07 at 6.57.45 pm

Upon closer inspection of his life through the paparazzi lens, it’s clear that Taimur has been in extensive training to be launched, very soon. It’s been little over a year and already we’ve seen a full body transformation, from embryo to tiny human. Who is his trainer?

See Taimur’s full body transformation:

taimur body transformation

 #fitspo #growthsport #basicbiology

The paparazzi have been stalking his every move, and have spotted him outside the gym, post-workout sessions, several times. Standard star behaviour.

taimur gym

According to a poster outside his gym, Taimur does a strenuous workout involving special rides, gymnastics, sports and something with a multi-coloured ball pit. Apparently Hrithik is thinking of approaching fitness the same way, but the gym only accepts members under the age of 10.This is where Tiger Shroff trained as a cub, and we all know how that turned out.

But it’s not just the gym. Taimur is also sporting the latest in airport styles. Taimur’s closet boasts custom-made outfits from Raghavendra Rathore as well as the hottest trends from Disney’s RTW line, House of Micky Mouse. Chic.

Untitled 17

We assume that Taimur’s debut film will be an action-thriller and that he will be doing his own stunts. Yes, we’re aware no one has actually seen him walk yet, but all these images of him swinging are clear signs of preparation for a body harness-assisted death-defying stunt. Why else would these photos have been leaked?

Screen Shot 2018 02 07 at 6.19.23 pm

Taimur practices his stunts under the most careful supervision of his entourage. 

Yes, he has an entourage. From paparazzi photo archives, we can conclude that aside from his parents, Saif and Kareena, there are other members of his crew. The starling is followed by a lady to carry his diaper bag, a lady who carries him and his chauffeur, who drives his Mercedes. 


You may be thinking that no other Bollywood star gets this kind of treatment and be tempted to call Taimur a diva. After all, when was the last time you saw Arjun Kapoor’s nanny carrying him around? But please remember he’s a toddler. And toddlers can’t fend off paps, crawl and drive all at the same time. 

Haters will say that being a baby is also why he has such amazing baby-soft skin. But it’s clear that Taimur is on top of his skincare routine. The infant seemingly doesn’t let even the best in the business touch his locks and has been spotted doing his own hair and make-up.

taimur hair

Where can we get that brush from? I need volume. Stat.

He also maintains constant hydration from a sippy cup, as all celebrities know that the secret to baby soft skin is water… and being a baby.

taimur water

Taimur also doesn’t live the high-profile party life of a celebrity. He gets the required 14-hours of sleep a day, which helps maintain his youthful look. 

taimur sleep

How does he manage the gym and sleep? 

But most importantly Taimur has managed to handle the paparazzi like a boss. It could be his superior breeding or it could be the fact that he’s not even 2 years old and has no idea of what is going on. Whatever the reason, Taimur, like all great celebrities, has learned to throw the paps that casual not-really-a-smile. Under the tutelage of his mother, no doubt, Taimur has mastered the indifferent I’m-so-famous deadpan stare technique used by so many celebrities. 


The more serious, the more famous, we always say. Just look at Kanye. Did he just get bad news? Is he constipated? No, he’s famous AF.

It’s no wonder Taimur has become a pro at the paparazzi talk-to-the-hand face. His mother is queen of serving this lewk. 

Here he and Kareena are serving lewk together.

Screen Shot 2018 02 07 at 6.10.31 pm

This is not something you can learn, this is something you are born with.

Please watch:

Here you can se him looking bewildered.

But the professional quickly rallies and delivers a dead-pan stare that would make his mother and her raised eyebrow proud.

He maintains eye contact keeping his face soft. Some of the best work we've seen from a new comer. His entourage in the back has also managed to maintain a casual air about them. We wish we could look this fierce barefoot

There’s no wonder this adorable bundle of baby is what the entire country seems to be obsessing over. We would love to give this kid some room to be a kid, but we’re honestly terrified we might miss a gurgle.