This Indian restaurant in San-Francisco just earned its second Michelin star Advertisement

This Indian restaurant in San-Francisco just earned its second Michelin star

Calling all the curry lovers in San Francisco!

By Shree Vrinda  July 12th, 2019

Taj’s Campton Place restaurant; a decade old Indian-inspired restaurant in San Francisco, broke new ground on Monday by earning its second Michelin star. This makes the Indian-Californian restaurant the first of its kind in the US and Europe to be awarded two Michelin stars.

Inspired equally by his California surroundings and South Indian upbringing, Chef Srijith’s constantly evolving menu and experimental approach has led to the creation of their signature dishes such as: Campton Place’s spice pot, spring peas paniyaram with gunpowder dust, cucumber chaas, shisito pepper pakoras and more.

Bringing Indian cuisine to the west and tweaking it to suit an international palette, the restaurant has refined their signature Californian-Indian cuisine by artfully fusing Californian produce and cooking techniques with regional inspiration, aromatics and traditional spice blends of India. This captivating journey comes through its Eastern and Western flavours and showcases highly-finessed techniques and unexpected flavour combinations.

Chef Srijith Gopinathan
Cucumbar Chaas
Spring peas Paniyaram with gunpowder dust
Shisito pepper pakoras
Campton Place Restaurant

“We are honored to be recognised by the Michelin Guide with two stars,” said Srijith Gopinathan, Executive Chef of Campton Place Restaurant. “We’re proud of our unique Californian-Indian cuisine and incredible team, and hope to continue delighting our guests with one of a kind dining experiences with exploratory spices, refined techniques and fresh ingredients.”

Located within the Taj Campton Place in San Francisco the restaurant provides exceptional service and an incredible wine list. If San Francisco is on your travel radar, a meal at this place is a must.